Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Free Toll Free Termination

CarrierX is now offering FREE US and Canada Toll Free Numbers Termination.

Rather then paying to your Service Provider for terminating the 1800 Traffic, You can use CarrierX to terminate it for you for Free.

How to proceed?


1. Create an Account on Carrierx.US
2. Enter Your IP addresses where you will be sending your calls from.
3. Start sending your calls to 18NNXXXXXXX@carrierx.us

Your call will start to terminate.

To Test call 18005558355@carrierx.us


Tuesday, February 5, 2008

New to Interconnect ?

Does your phone company own's a number series which is not interconnected everywhere yet ?

Do you want to offer a direct SIP/IAX2 Route to your network , and have someone else do all the billing ?

Well We at carrierx.org can do that for you.

Currently we are doing it for Pakistan check out www.carrierx.org/pakistan and for Somalia

2526 21XXXX
2522 21XXXX
2522 23xxxx
2526 63XXX
2526 1xxxx
2526 31XXX
2526 63xxxx

Signup on Carrierx.org and contact us for activating your account.

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